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Made a few glass tile pendants yesterday. Trying to stockpile for the shows coming up this fall. Hope to put some on my etsy site also. Will download photos shortly.

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Today we celebrate Kennedy’s birthday. My little girl is 4 and she will be very happy to remind you how old she is. Her parents are giving her a swimming party at her grandmother’s home. Should be lots of fun. I am planning on going. Can’t do any swimming, but planning eating lots of birthday cake.

something pretty

something pretty

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I actually walked without the walker yesterday. OK, it was with a cane (with four little feet) for about 6 feet. But it was something. I started therapy again and they said I could run marathons when they are finished with me. Hmmm. Hard to believe. But we’ll wait and see. All I want now is to walk. It started raining and feels so good. We have been having very dry and hot weather here lately, so this is very welcomed. Crafting going slow. Did finish a childs crocheted hat in light green. Not much more than that at present.

I feel like a pink Marie today.  Enjoy

I feel like a pink Marie today. Enjoy

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Sunday afternoon, Hubby and I went to the movies to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Very good movie. A laugh out loud and next second shed a tear movie. I was able to also go to Zea’s for supper afterwards. That was a lot of sitting in chairs not made for a recent hip replacement, but so worth the time out of the house. Today I visit with my doctor about more therapy. Hopefully things will start moving faster. I am sooooo bored. There is only so much I can do myself to entertain me. TV sucks, I’m just about out of reading material, I can only sit at the computer for a few minutes at a time.

A little color for you all.

A little color for you all.

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I don’t know how to put it on the side, but at least I have it on my blog page. And might I add, by the hardest.


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Hi Everyone. I’m mostly back. Meaning I finally am able to sit at the computer for a few minutes at a time. For all who are unaware, I had a hip replacement on June 3. Not the most wonderful thing to do, but was necessary. I am healing at home with the help of friends and family. I still have a way to go, but hope it is a speedy recovery. I am trying to do some crafting, but is difficult. I can’t move around very easily yet. Have made a few bookmarks. I have registered to have a booth at the Frog Festival in Rayne, La in November. So I need to start stock piling items to bring to sell. See you all soon.

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